Herbal Egg (Neem+Tulsi+Amla+Haldi+Aloe Vera+Glycerin)

No Colors Added

Pack of 3 soaps (3 X 38gms)

Neem- is a natural cleanser. It is beneficial for its antibacterial properties. It helps clearing skin rashes, reduces skin inflammation, dermatitis etc.

Tulsi- nourishes and exfoliates the skin, restores supplement, helps to maintain clear skin tone.

Amla- helps reduce signs of premature ageing, reduces dark spots and pigmentation, keeps skin smooth and young etc.

Haldi- has antibacterial properties, provides Vitamin E to skin, Moisturizes the skin etc.

Aloe Vera- is super beneficial  as a moisturizer and revitalizer. It deep cleanses all impurities of the skin.

Glycerin- for dry and sensitive skin, heals and protects skins.

Herbal Eggs- HE5 (Neem+Tulsi+Amla+Haldi+Aloe Vera+Glycerin)

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